Saturday, March 21, 2009

The first day of Spring

Well here we are, the first day of spring is almost upon us and up here in Canada we have forecasts for snow, tonight and Sunday, 5-10 cm. Don't care you say? Well me either, we're used of it here, I'll be indoors playing poker anyways. With spring in the air I have a feeling of renewed hopes for the world of online poker, I entered a tournament with about 1000 players and finished 120th, just on the bubble so I made a total of $5.36 for my $11.00 investment....not to good but at least it was a profit and not a loss. Had a few good hands in the first hour, but the cards soon changed to garbage and my brain soon changed to "stupid mode" trying to keep my place. Patience Hatt! With my attention on the game I forgot to record any of it so hear is another video from Hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My blog

Well, gushansentv is a repeat today so I will just talk about my outline for this blog. It is my first attempt at blogging, so any feed back from you would be very appreciated. I am not sure of what kind of poker content I will include in this blog, what are your thoughts readers? My first ideas were of monitoring gushansentv, but I see that his online show is repeating some days, so i will also report on other pros from time to time. For now though, I think Gus Hansen's idea of this online poker TV is a good one and will follow and report what i see at his site. I will try to make entries everyday, but this will depend on the action on the tables and the progress on gushansentv. I always look forward to your comments readers, it helps to improve the blog, please keep them coming.

Regards... Hattenford video

This is an interesting clip of Gus talking about his recent loss on Full Tilt Poker Also, don't let the low stakes hes playing fool you, I think he play's the low stakes for his audience on, he will be back on 500\1000 tables by the end of that day. To see a closer look at Gus Hansen's online poker stats go to

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Tournaments

Played a free roll on the weekend, won an entry to the final of a Fight Train tournament on Full Tilt Poker, in which I did not do very well, I finished 33rd of 580, only 1st and 2nd were paid the prize. here's a video of the win to the final.....