Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gus plays DIN_FRU

I was watching the tables yesterday when I caught Gus playing one of his friends, DIN_FRU(Erik Sagström), it was a short session but it was nice to see Gus play someone else besides the usual suspects.
Part 1

Part 2

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hattenford update

Well I finely cashed in the Canadian free roll on Full Tilt, but the story is a little long, so get a coffee while you read and watch my play. I started the game with good feelings and watched closely, but after the first break I had not picked up any playable hands and kinda started to fall asleep. I won one hand with JJ on the button, but as I only had 850 chips to push in was not a big pot, but at least I had doubled up. Again, after this hand I hit nothing for quite some time, then after second break I hit KK and limped in and then called a big raise from small blind, the flop came 37J, he went all in with JQ and I called with my "cowboys" turn 4 and river came 9. Now I had some chippies and was in 127 of 350 players left. This woke me up from my sleepy daze.
I played very tight, watching closely at what my opponents were playing, but still I was not getting much in the way of hands and soon I was bleeding the blinds again. Time to gamble, I picked up 10 10 in the BB and pushed all in with it, 5 limper's folded and I stole a nice little pot.
I started to realize that I might be able to cash in this tournament so I played tight and tried to limit my mistakes to small ones. This worked and after a long 3rd hour of more bad hands I made it past the bubble. Woo Hoo I finely cashed in the Canadian free roll, as I was patting myself on my back for my win I started catching some hands and thought to myself, "hey maybe I can win this damm tournament" so I played much more aggressive and started winning some chips. This is where I started to record my play, was happy with my play up to this point and now I was making a grab for first place.
In the first video i start to play more aggressive and win a few more chips.
Part 1

Part 2 is much like the first one.

Part 3 is where I have a compete melt down and go braindead and all in with AK off in a massive stupid bluff, damm it was so stupid. I know better and yet I still try it, maybe I will stop watching the tv shows on "greatest bluffs in poker" ;-) I hope the video helps you or at least gave you a good laugh.