Saturday, April 11, 2009

gammonie on a final table

Played the Canadian free roll on Fulltilt poker last night, 2700 entrants and again I was punted before the money. There are 27 places paid and I finished 80th this time. Well you know what they say, "try, try, again" , maybe one of these days I will place in it, or better yet, win! The game was pretty lame for me, not many good hands in position so I didn't bother to record any of it, but I did catch this nice win of a friend playing. This is a video of gammonie, winning a 2000 pm 90 player sitngo on Fulltilt. Nice win gamm....

gammonie final table

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gus Hansen's new recording set up

Here's two clips of, Gus explains why he has not been recording lately. The game is nothing special, he plays durrrr on one table, but durrrr is playing Patrik Antonius on 4 tables of the "durrrr challenge", so he only plays one with Gus. It seems that Gus has two or three screens now, but he has not explained what changes he has made to his recording set up. Looks like he may be recording some multi table play soon. This episode is the first with his new computer set up at multi tables that I've seen. Later in the clip he joins Trex313 and does play two tables.

In other poker news, the poker world was saddened recently with the news of Chip Reese's young son, Casey Reese, passing away at age of 20. Hear is a link to Poker News Daily's story.

part 1 of 2

part 2 of 2

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Main Event win on Fulltilt Poker

This afternoon when I was done my chores, I played 8, 450 player, first round free roll tournaments to the WSOP main event on Fulltilt poker. I made 1 final table and won a ticket to round 2. Here is the final table in 3 parts, sorry about the screen capture in part 3, I was getting excited and forgot I was recording the game. Maybe on the next recording I will try a narration. I do make one questionable call with t2 off, but but opponent was starting to push and I felt it was time to make the stand. Doyle Brunson won the Wsop with that hand so I called and hit the flop, you will see the rest if you watch.

Part 1.

part 2

Part 3