Friday, April 24, 2009

Gus still in Monaco

I reported yesterday that Gus Hansen had not been doing very well on Fulltilt poker in the last weeks. I just finished editing the April 23 episode I recorded of, and Gus even admits it, but also thinks his play has been not to bad either. I can't say I agree with that after watching his play the last weeks, but I don't play the 500\1000 tables, so I can only tell you what I see. What I see is Gus playing very loose and aggressive against online pro's that deserve a little more respect than it seems Gus is giving them. Some of the calls and raises he makes are beginner mistakes and are costing him a lot of money. When I'm watching the episodes I sometimes get a feeling that this is part of his plan, whatever that may be.

What I mean by that is why would a online pro like Gus record his online play for all to see? That seems like career suicide to me, but maybe Gus has a plan and is willing to risk the money he's lost in the short term to get ahead later on... huh? what did I just say?! Now I'm not making any sense either! I don't really know what his "plan" is, but it doesn't seem like it's working for him so far. I will say, that I really enjoy watching "" evolve, I think its a fresh idea and its free! Thanks Gus, for the nice entertainment, but don't go broke....

I am also working on making better quality recordings, the software is very good, but a little problem exists between the chair and keyboard... ;-) ---> "Me"! These 4 are my best so far, I think I'm getting better, and hope to improve in the next few weeks. I would like to thank the supplier of the software I use to make these recordings, you know who you are, ":g" , I am very grateful to you for this, thank you.

This episode of was a little short, so I was able to record it all in these 4 parts. I over lapped the start and finishes so you don't miss any of the episode.

Part 1. The first part is from one of his earlier sessions with trex313 and is not very long.

Part 2. The second part is a little more interesting, Gus talks about his play in the last few days and discusses a few other interesting things as well.

Part 3. The last two parts are with Gus playing Urindanger.

part 4.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gus the Donk?

Today I have a video of gushansentv recorded on April 21 2009, Gus has been on a losing streak lately( link to his stats on Highstakes), he is not doing very well and I'm sure is only distracting him from the actual gambling while playing online pros like trex313(Hac Dang). I have been watching some of the play on Fulltilt and it seems that Gus has lost his marbles in the last few days, he has been making some very weak, and at times it seems, moronic plays! In other words, is he on tilt or is his show distracting him from thinking clearly. Watching Gus play on Fulltilt and then watching the episodes that follow a few days later is also very interesting, but it does not show or explain all the strange plays Gus makes. Pros like trex313, his brother Urindanger(Di Dang), durrrr(Tom Dwan), Ziigmund(IIari Sahamies)and OMGClayAiken(Phil Galfond) are always "in waiting" on his tables They seem to sense this problem in his play and are cashing in on it.

part 1.

part 2.