Friday, March 13, 2009

My Tournaments

Played 2 free roll NL Hold'em tournaments today, I haven't been playing much lately, one I busted out early with my JJ against AA. but the second one I made it to 35th in a field of 1250. I was happy with my play, except for my lack of concentration and boredom in a slow game, where most big stacks are just using the time against the smaller stacks. This is a problem i must resolve. Again I was dealt JJ in late position, and called an all in, BB also called and I lost to his KK. Damm jacks! You think I would have known better after the first loss with JJ, but hey, was a well played game, the blinds were 1200\2400, and I was short stacked with 20k on a table with 45-150k players. seemed like the right call, but ran into KK in the BB...wont think to much about it, just move on.


  1. Unbelievable work man!! Keep your heads high you probably did it.

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